Hi, my name is Chris.

I write for a living.  At present I'm in the final stages of a History PhD, which involves unbelievable amounts of writing.  In addition to researching and writing for my dissertation, I also teach at the university level, present at lots of conferences, publish scholarly articles, and apply for grants.  I've been fortunate and persevering enough to have placed my scholarly publications in top journals and secured funding for my work from major grant-giving bodies.

This blog is about non-fiction writing and everything that goes into doing it well.  I make no claims to mastery and I never will: I'm on a journey to get better just like you are (hopefully).  As you've probably noticed, I talk about more than the mechanics and nitty-gritty of writing.  Technology, workflows, the habits of great writers, everyday work philosophies (the "meta" questions) - these are just a few of the things that are fair game.  Really, I just talk about whatever tickles my fancy that relates in some way to becoming a better non-fiction writer.  

Supporting the blog

I need your help if this blog is to keep going.  It doesn't yet bring in enough money to support its hosting, let alone some of the apps I occasionally purchase to test out for comparative purposes in posts like this review of Scapple or this series of posts on PDF workflows.  

You can support this blog - and the work I'd like to keep doing on it - by shopping on Amazon through links in blog posts, on the Gear and Places pages, and on the Resources page.  You can also use this link to buy anything on Amazon and make sure that I get a small percentage of it - at no cost to you whatsoever.  Or you can simply make a donation below.


Questions, comments, or opportunities to discuss?  Drop me a line at chris.curvewriting@gmail.com

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